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About Us

The Centre of Knowledge Transfer and Industrial Networks (PIJI) is a PTJ originally formed from the merging of two PTJs, the Research Networks Centre ECER (PJP ECER) and the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Centre (PIPI). Since 15 November 2014, PIJI has set out to achieve its mission of being a champion in the knowledge transfer and industry networking for coastal communities.

Therefore, the agreed-upon and guiding objectives of PIJI include:

  • To be the reference centre and coordinator for university-academia collaboration and community engagement in coastal communities; and
  • To foster and leverage smart partnerships with industries and communities locally and globally.


A brief history of PIJI:

15 March 2005Centre of University-Industry Relations (PPUI)

March 2005

Management of intellectual properties, commercialisation, and consulting services.

Addition of portfolio starting from September 2008

  • Industrial Training Coordinator
  • Centre of Excellence Office
    ECER – MoE – UMT
  • Centre of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


1 June 2009Centre of Industrial Networks and Community Services (INComS)

Establishment Portfolio

  • University-Industry Collaboration
  • Technology Transfer Office
  • Industrial Training and Mobility


  • Social Responsibility Programme

University (USR@UMT)

  • Centre of Excellence ECER – MoE – UMT


20 January 2013Research Networks Centre ECER (PJP ECER)



  • Smart Sharing
  • UCTC (University Community Transformation Centre)
  • Institution Networks
  • ECER – MoE – UMT
15 November 2014

Centre of Knowledge Transfer and Industrial Networks

(Merging of PJP ECER and the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Center – IKTC)


  • Administration Management
  • Knowledge Transfer

– Knowledge Transfer             Programme (KTP)
– Management of UMT Internal             Knowledge Transfer Grant
– Funded Knowledge Transfer             Programmes

  • Industry-Academia Networks

– Smart Sharing
– Strategic Cooperation